major work
Series of The World
category: digital arts; media: ink on paper, digital media, audio
This series includes paintings with story telling elements to highlight the literal characteristic of Chinese painting. Each of the series involves one Chinese ink painting and one small framed painting acting as an interactive audio system.

major work
也許 Perhaps
category: creative writing in fiction; media: Chinese text


A poem and a memorial notebook bring a man to a journey o f Highland twice in his life. The journey of Highland was a self-discovery trip. Memory had been examined. Direction of life had been pointed out. Perhaps is the first novel of Wong Chung-yu.


Wong Chung-yu completed his M.Phil. study of Computer Science in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and received scholarship for finishing a MA study of Digital Arts in London . He is a art practitioner in Hong Kong and actively participates in Creative Writing of Fiction and Digital Arts.