Wong Chung Yu received his Master degree of Computer Science and later pursued a Master of Art degree in Digital Arts in London with scholarship. He is now a member of the Hong Kong Union of Visual Artists. He remains active in the realms of Painting and Digital Art.

For Painting, Wong studied painting in the Fine Art department of CUHK and continues his exploration particularly in the area of modern Chinese painting. In the field of digital art, Wong attempts to extend the possibility of programming and multimedia application. He particularly focuses himself on the harmonization of digital technology with Chinese context. Wong's digital media works and imaging works have been exhibited in Hong Kong , Shanghai and Beijing . His paintings and digital arts are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong , and collected privately.

Besides visual arts, Wong also participates in Creative Writing of Fiction. His short stories were published in local literary magazines and won merit awards in local competitions. His major works include the novel of ¡§Perhaps¡¨ and ¡§The Lawra¡¨.

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