Chinese version
  Series of The World
year : 2008  
media : ink on paper, digital media, audio  
size : 2M (H) x 1.5M (W)  
records : "Wandering throught Illusions", gallery of Grotto Fine Arts , 2008  
  "New Ink Art ", The Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2008  
  The World 1 is collected privately  

The series of The World currently has the works of The World 1 and The World 2. They are paintings with story telling elements. Each of them involves one Chinese ink painting and one small framed painting acting as an interactive touching pad. Audiences can press the red marks painted on the touching pad and then they can hear stories about the large paintings.

The aim of this series is to highlight the literal characteristic of Chinese painting. Chinese painting was a kind of art mainly done by scholars in the past of Chinese history. These scholars were active in the field of literature (poem writing, for example) and projected their literal interests through paintings. They wrote poems directly on paintings, or took symbolic approaches to suggest certain philosophies through paintings. The series of The World tries to simulate this literal characteristic through story narration by the medium of audio. The stories are about the large paintings and try to suggest certain humanistic and philosophical themes. The works furthermore adopt digital media to achieve interactivity with audiences.